As a result of my own experiences of having a dyslexic son I discovered that there was a lack of affordable support for parents and families of children with Special Educational Needs on the Isle of Man. I have decided to set up an affordable student, parent and family support service based on the Isle of Man.


My main knowledge base is around dyslexia but I can also provide services to support parents and families of children with other special educational needs and disabilities. I can help to ensure that your child's additional needs are met at school.


I can help parents negotiate with Schools and the Department of Education and Children to ensure that your child’s needs are correctly identified and provided for. If necessary I can support you in appealing to the Panel of the Board of Education Members.


The services I provide are to help ensure that the right assessments are made at the right time and then following the findings of the assessments through to ensure that the right support, in line with current Legislation and Policies, is provided to the student throughout their school career. The support I offer does not just cover the student. I am here to help support parents and families of students with learning difficulties through what it recognized as a very stressful and emotional time for all involved.


I believe in the resolution of conflict and disputes through informed, independent and collaborative approach. I believe in the right for people to have a proactive affordable and independent service to facilitate the making of choices and to have your voice heard in the best interest of your child. I feel people should be supported to make positive changes in their lives and seek the most appropriate support and provision. Early intervention, including mediation and negotiation to establish open and honest lines of communication leads to the best outcomes.


In some cases it may be necessary to use Manx Advocates and proceed to the Courts but I believe in most cases mediation and negotiation can facilitate mutually acceptable outcomes for children, parents and schools. I am here to take the stress out of negotiations and offer honest advice in order to obtain the correct educational support for your child. I can support you by giving telephone, email or face to face advice. I offer support in producing letters, support in meetings and support at appeals to the Panel of the Board of Education Members.


Please contact me for a confidential no obligation chat to discuss your individual problems.


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Member of the Educational Law Association
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