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Goayrveg Pygmy Goat Herd

Below are pictures of our pygmy goats. They make wonderful pets and are full of character. All of our Pygmy Goats are Registered with the Pygmy Goat Club.

We have a resident billy pygmy so often have kids for sale. Please contact us if you require any information.

We also have a small herd of dairy goats and from time to time we have dairy kids for sale.

All these goats make ideal weed killers they will clear overgrown land quickly and easily however be warned you need good fencing!! If you are considering keeping goats please also be aware that goats need a field shelter, as they do not like the rain, they will need regular foot trimming and worming. They will also need hard feed and hay along with grass in a field/paddock.

We have recently taken on a feral goat from Bulgan Bay. She has integrated with the herd really well and with time and patience she has started to become friendly and accept fuss and human contact.

Please see our Goats for Sale page to see current availability.

Baby Fawn

Goayrveg Fawn  born 13/12/10

Pygmy Goats

Romac Lyn and Romac Romany

Dairy and Pygmy

Summer 2010

Romac Lotto

Nosey Dairy Goats

How can we get out of here???


Pygmy Goats on the Isle of Man

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Lotto and his girls

Resident Pygmy Billy “Lotto”

Summer 2010

Too Hot today

Lets Go

Patch and Ebony


Proud Mum

Houdini and the girls

Lyn and Fawn

Isle of man crane HIRE—crane SERVICes on the isle of man


For Sale


For Sale


February 2011

Goayrveg Fawn and Goayrveg Bramble

Goayrveg Bramble

Born 20th February 2011